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From May to October each year is the most beautiful season in Weihai. Weihai beach is numerous, the most famous is located in high-tech industrial development zone. The beach is a
natural endowment, perfect for swimming, entertainment, catering and other activities. Millions of tourists come here every summer to enjoy the cool and cozy beach.

Weihai international yacht club is based at the international bathing beach. Here, you can set sail to the sea, experience the passion of life.

Famous bathing beach also include: moon bay bathing beach, grape of sea water bathing beach, gold beach bathing beach, studio bathing beach, economic and technological development zone bathing beach and etc

These bathing beach are located along the coastline of Weihai. During summer, tourists come and crowd the beach.

Highly recommended

Weihai international bathing beach

Located in Weihai hi-tech industrial development zone, about 10 km from the city center,you can take no. 7, 12, 19 bus.

Weihai golden beach bathing beach

Located in Weihai hi-tech industrial development zone, about 8 km from the city center, you can take no. 17 bus.

Weihai grapes of sea bathing beach

Located in Weihai Sunjiatan town, about 3 km from the city center, you can take no. 14,20 bus.

International Shidao bay bathing beach

Located in Rongcheng city Shidao administrative zone,
about 80 km from Weihai city center, is the largest bathing beach in Rongcheng city. At this beaching beach, you can go water skiing, water motoring, paramotor and other entertainment activities.

Rushan mountain YinTan bathing beach

Located in Rushan city, about 110 km from Weihai city center, it’s about 2 hours drive.

Leisure arrangement

During sunrise, you can do some exercise against the wind and sun, breathing the fresh morning air.

In the morning, you can play sand beach football: passion challenge every leap, enjoy sand “flying” in the sky.

Beach volleyball: stepping on the soft sand on the beach, waving your arm, enjoy the symphony played by the laughter
and the sound of sea waves.

Sea motor: blue sky, passionate experience, sea motorboat is so exciting!

Sea parachute: flying with the clouds of the sky, breathing with the waves of the sea, watching the sea melt into the sky, experiencing the sensation of go beyond yourself

At noon, sunbath: sitting on the beach, watching the sea, listening to the waves lying on the beach to enjoy your private sunbath

In the afternoon, sea kayaking: riding on this special ship, bathing under the sun, with a smile, looking at the ocean

Unpowered sail boat: set to sail, experience to win, and
have an intimate contact with the sea

In the evening, sit on the beach: watching the sea melt into the sky, appreciate the sunset, watching the clouds

Listening to the breath of the sea, feeling life

Useful tips

1. You are advised to go into the water half an hour after a meal. Swimming time should not be too long because swimming takes a lot of energy without you realizing it. so it's best swim between 30 to 45 minutes and then go ashore to rest for a while. You should also observed tidal conditions.

2. You should wear goggles and swimming cap to protect your eyes and hair when swimming.

3. Before you swim, you should do some preparation activities: first, flush your head, neck, chest and abdomen to gradually adapt to the water temperature; then do some warm-up activities and start swimming.

4.Rowing and sailing coach are available: be patient to listen to your coach, it would be more fun and safe.

5. Life jacket must be worn for stimulating activity such like sea motor.

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